Doubling inserts to fit a small baby – Picture Tutorial

Some kiddos aren’t very heavy wetters when they are small.  For some one insert is plenty.  As we all know though all babies are NOT the same.  So this is a tutorial that Nifty Nappy put together to show you how to get more absorbency, but still fit it all in a diaper that you have to fold down for a smaller baby.

Here you can see that there will be double layers in the front-3 layers in the middle-back to double layers in the back.  (front being on the right)

You fold the first insert down a 1/3 of the way, then you fold the second insert in half. You then lay the second insert on top tof the lower 2/3’s of the first insert.

Then you lay the inserts in the diaper with the longer piece of unfolded cloth up and towards the front.  You want to make sure to position them as close to the back of the diaper as you can while staying inside the elastic.  This will leave you the room you need to fold the front of the diaper to fit the smaller baby.

Now you can fold the diaper according to our folding for a newborn tutorial and you are ready to go.

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