Folding a Nifty Nappy diaper to fit a newborn – Picture Tutorial

The Nifty Nappy can be folded to fit a small baby so that it is a one size fits all diaper.

First you lay out the diaper with the insert.

Then you place the baby on the diaper as usual.

Bring the diaper up over the front of the baby tucking in at the legs.

Then you fold down the front.

Fold it down as far as you need to to have it line up under the belly button.

Next you fan fold back up.

When you do this you want to leave some of the fabric tucked up

beneath the row of snaps.

This will shorten the rise of the diaper so it will fit smaller babies.

Make sure the top of the diaper hits the baby below the belly button.

Then hold in place as you snap the diaper closed.

Start snapping on the left side of the diaper.

Make sure to snap snuggly.

Then snap the right side of the diaper making sure the over lap the flaps in the front.

This should insure a secure fit for your baby.

There you go, a one size fits all diaper.

The snaps hold the fold very well.

I have never had any problems with it coming unfolded.

You can made the fold as large as you need and then decrease it in size as the baby grows.

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